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Sophie and Grandma 
Colour Surprise  
Hold hands and have fun walking through the Whimsical Gate with
Sophie and Grandma on your magical COLOUR adventure.
These books are very DIFFERENT from other children's books because

the pictures presented in these books are free from form (drawings) yet illustrate the stories in a magical way.

Therefore, they encourage children to imagine….

creating unique pictures in their minds that are playful and open to infinite possibilities.

  • Suitable for ALL children, especially between the ages of 5 - 10 years old.
  • The story lines are fun, familiar, adventurous and sequenced in a similar way to help children in their comprehension.

  • The middle spreads are paintings which spark the imagination in children, enabling them to see a variety of different images each time they look at it.

  • The books are free from distractions allowing children to focus on the story lines.

  • The pages gradually change colour representing the light of day from dawn to dusk, as the adventure unfolds.

  • The title of each book is a colour; initiating an array of possibilities of what Adventure lies ahead.

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